Abby Photography began officially in January of 2008 and was originally established in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Hence the name “Abby Photography” – Abby is a nickname for Abbotsford. While delivering wedding photography to the Lower Mainland, popular demand brought Elisha and her team to Kelowna over thirty times in the first year of business. As a result, she has now relocated and bases Abby Photography in Kelowna, the Okanagan wedding destination but returns to photograph Vancouver weddings often.

Having documented over a hundred weddings, she has provided wedding photography at some of Kelowna’s best wedding venues including the CedarCreek Estate Winery, Sparkling Hill Resort, Lake Okanagan Resort, The Harvest, and the Summerhill Pyramid Winery. Although there’s no place like home for her in the summer, she loves traveling to photograph destination weddings when Canada starts to cool off.

Named one of the Best Wedding Photographers in World by Junebug Weddings, Elisha is also an award winning participant of Fearless Photographers, ISPWP (the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), the BC Wedding Awards, and PWPC (Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada).


I’m the photographer, Elisha Stewart.
I’ve been know to…
climb trees,
lay in puddles,
stand on tables,
endure rain, blizzards, and scorching hot weather.
Hike mountains,
scale walls,
get covered in sand,
and hunker down in a swamp, river, lake, or ocean.
Split pants,
bust holes in my shoes,
come home scraped, bruised, and utterly exhausted.
ANYTHING for the shot!

Elisha Stewart Kelowna Wedding Photographer



Elisha Stewart Photographer

Random facts about Elisha…
My mother calls me Missy Gail.
I’m a planner,
a doer, and a thinker.
I love white things
including white chocolate,
snow, and my white cuckoo clock.
I grew up in Airdrie,
graduated when I was sixteen,
and obtained a music degree
(before pursuing photography).
Diet pepsi is my favourite pop.
Can’t stand olives.
I’m also the go-to-gal
and blog editor for Fearless Photographers.

I’m a Starbucks fanatic.
Next time you order a holiday drink, try a
two pump gingerbread
two pump cinnamon dolce
reduced fat eggnog
light water
one chai tea bag
custom tea latte
You can substitute regular cinnamon dolce
and eggnog if you want full fat.
Its like Christmas in a cup!
For easy ordering…
take a picture of the above order with your phone
and show it to the barista.


kelowna family photographers

I have two super heroes living in my house.
Batman is six,
loves milk,
kicks butt at Mario Brothers,
and can transform into a Neverland pirate.
He’s also known as Shea.
Superman is four,
loves candy,
is a total heartthrob,
and can do a mad gangnam style dance.
He’s also known as Cameron.
They are hands-down two of the coolest,
most energetic,
little people you’ll ever meet.

Yep, we’re Leaf fans!
They teach us to
never give up,
don’t lose hope,
keep your eyes on the prize
(for at least 50 years)
and that winning isn’t everything.



We have two giant cats,
their names are Vesa and Nutmeg.
Poor Vesa was named after
the former Leafs goalie,
underwent major hip surgery
at just a year old,
and has a weak stomach
causing him to vomit often.
Nutmeg on the other hand
is the perfect,
cuddly angel
that every feline should be.

Our Family
Summer 2014

We thank God every day for the
and abundance of love
that surrounds us.

We don’t deserve any of it.

Elisha Stewart

Now that you’ve met me,
I’d love to meet you!

Please visit the contact page
and tell us a little of your story.